Break-Free From Your Business Competition!

With this blog scheduled for the 4th of July, we decided to mention our neighbours across the pond. America celebrate Independence Day for breaking free and starting a fresh new country. The political importance of this date has, over time, decreased. However, the importance of a national holiday to rejoice their achievements remain the same. The usual festivities include a big town parade or a family BBQ.

The freedom of a nation can be looked upon as similar to freeing your business from your competition. So this blog will give you some information about how to break-free from your competition and begin your own celebration for independence.

Got an idea for a new product? Here is how to launch it!


In this section you need to classify your market and plan your research. So firstly write a brief about what you want to find out and how you propose doing this. By writing this brief you will hopefully not lose sight and research too much or too little.

The Empowerment of Knights.

At the end of the month the City of Lincoln will be celebrating the 800 year anniversary of ‘The Battle of Lincoln 1217’. To mark the occasion they are distributing 36 Knight’s sculptures across the city. So, we thought we would write a blog that looks into how you can empower your employees to become ‘triumphant’ in their workplace.

Easter Revive and Retention

This Easter we wanted to help you revive your customer retention strategy. Customer Retention is a method to reduce customers leaving. It is also a way of improving customer’s lifetime value. Its aim is to keep more customers for longer so they spend more with you over their lifetime.

Below are different ways that will help to retain customers, this should be used as a strategy for increasing profits as your main aim but other objectives should be considered; customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand perception.

Mad As A March Hare: Business Ideas.

This month’s blog will explore 4 entrepreneurs who had a crazy business idea. An idea that I am guessing no one took seriously until they started to see six figures on the bank statements. But these crazy ideas did just that and turned someone into a millionaire.

If you have a wild business idea, come and see us! We can help you with the serious parts, for example business planning and the sticky financials. But for now, here are some of our favorites and how they begun –

Financial Love and Affections

If you own a business, regardless of the sector that it’s in, it is common for you to have a “love-hate” relationship with your finances.  The “love” part comes when everything is going well and you can bask in the glow of healthy profits and a generous cashflow. 

At this time of the year, however – when the dreaded tax man has taken his pound of flesh, the VAT bills have been paid and the credit cards bills from the Christmas excesses come home to roost – our financial affections can turn to “hate”.

With it being Valentine’s Day , perhaps now is the time to get our financial emotions in balance and get a better understanding of what is really happening with our business?

Resolutions and Reflections

With every new year comes everyone telling you they are going to lose a stone, or sign up to the gym! January is a great month to make (and stick to) these resolutions but, by February, we are all back ordering take-outs and the gyms is back to people who actually like to go! But, in the traditional sense of resolutions, this is a time for reflecting on the year you are saying goodbye to; and looking at how you can move into the new year with improvements. So why not look at your business as something that could also do with getting more efficient and healthy? By reading this blog you should be able to put something into action. Do so by the end of January and enjoy the results in the coming months…..


A partridge in a PESTLE tree.

PESTLE is an outline of the macro-environmental factors; Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environment.  This is a way of analysing the external factors and giving you an overview of the different macro-environments. It is an instrument for a business to understand their market; growth, decline, positioning, potential direction for the operation.

Financial Firework

Gunpowder like many great inventions may have been discovered as a mistake. There is suggestion that an ancient Chinese cook mixed sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter which created this black power. With a few more experiments in the 7th Century, some bamboo sticks came the creation of fireworks. This post is to give you a little insight on the finances your business should have up to date but first a little more history on the history of the 5th.

Spectre of Startup

With Halloween preparations well underway for the festivities at the end of the month, we thought it would be a good time to look at the challenging quest of starting a business and give you some of the ingredients to make your “concoction” successful.

Starting up a new business is probably not one of the activities that attracted Dracula to England in the 19th century!  But Halloween is not all about Dracula (or even vampires for that matter) and nor is building a business from scratch all about terror and fright.  It is the excitement of the unknown, the mystery, that makes both Halloween and starting your own business so thrilling….