About Us

Greenborough Management Ltd (Greenborough to our friends!) was set up by Russell after much coercion and gentle bullying from customers, way back in the early noughties. Russell found, through his years of experience in business (we know, he doesn’t look that old, right!) that there was a real need in the local area for qualified, experienced and empathetic support for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

After talking to many of his contacts, usually over a well-earned pint of course, and discovering the ways in which he could really help to make a difference, Russell founded our team, Greenborough, and we’ve not stopped ever since!

Unusually for this sector, and delightfully for both us, and our ever-growing base of happy clients, we have kept the stability, experience and continuity of our original core team of specialist staff. This means we are able to build firm working relationships, encouraging trust and shared knowledge with our customers, and ensuring we can help to deliver the best possible solutions to all your business needs.

We also have a huge black book of a wider support network of specialist personnel giving us the flexibility, oomph and nouse to deliver your project to wherever you need it to go – big or small, weird, wonderful…or just another Monday morning at the office – we’re here to sort it.

Delivering the whole life cycle of business projects, from feasibility studies, to project planning, the all-important funding applications (we do love a good set of forms!), right through to delivery and evaluation, we can deliver the whole shebang.

We have been so priviledged to have grown organically in the time we’ve been running, relying largely on word of mouth from past clients to gain new business. Thank you (you’re a chatty lot, and we love you for it!)

This means if we haven’t met you yet, we can provide lots of testimonials and case studies, in conjunction with our tailor-made, bespoke management proposals designed especially for the needs of your project, so you feel as confident and eager to work with us as you possibly can.

Take a look at our previous work section for more information, or contact any member of our friendly team.